Taking a Sailing Vacation

//Taking a Sailing Vacation

Taking a Sailing Vacation

I recently had the opportunity to take a vacation of a lifetime, and it was something I wasn’t even aware existed before I was invited. My wife’s family took us with them on a chartered sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands. We spent a little over a week on a big cruising catamaran, and it was truly one of the best experiences I’ve had in my life.

sailboat charterSailing Vacations

I’ve been to beautiful places before, but never via sailboat. There are many benefits of a sailing vacation, and you may find different ones for yourself. I had a few things I really loved about being on a boat rather than in a hotel.

First, being on a catamaran allowed us to hop from island to island with great ease. Rather than being on one island at a hotel, we were able to move every day to a new island and see a new place. I actually saw a few hotels on islands, and was grateful we were on a boat and traveling. Rather than taking the puddle-jumper flights from island to island or overcrowded ferry rides, we were able to wake up in the morning and sail to a new beautiful island.

Next, there’s just something really special about being on the water. The experience of sailing and staying on the water is just amazing. The views are breathtaking, the water is calming, and it’s so quiet and peaceful. Rather than being surrounded by a loud party crowd, we were able to relax, do our own thing, and enjoy the beauty around us. Sailing and having the wind blowing is just an incredible experience, and doesn’t compare to anything else.

Finally, a private charter like this offers the opportunity to really customize a vacation. We were able to choose every day what we wanted to do. The wonderful crew offered us different options, different islands to visit, and different activities. If we wanted to snorkel on a reef one day, we were able to go to beautiful spots. If we wanted to take a hike on one of the islands, they took us to the best places. We could relax all day, go to swimming holes, or go tubing. From the activities to the meals, a charter gave us complete control over our vacation.

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands, or BVI for short, are absolutely beautiful. I’m sure there are many beautiful places in the world, and other places to charter boats as well. However, the BVI was truly a unique and beautiful experience. We flew into the islands, took a ferry, and were on the boat with relative ease. Even the flight in is beautiful as you get an incredible aerial view of the archipelago.

Once on the catamaran, it was just perfect. The islands are beautiful, the people were kind, and the weather is absolutely ideal at the right time of year. The British Virgin Islands offered all you could ask for. There are premier spas, amazing snorkeling, wonderful restaurants, and tons of things to do. Each island offers something unique. Anegada is a low-lying coral island, while Tortola is a taller volcanic island. From unique geographic formations to waterfalls and reefs, there is just so much nature to see! We strongly recommend checking it out or putting the BVI on your bucket list!

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