Facing Issues with Your Health

//Facing Issues with Your Health

Facing Issues with Your Health

Health issues can take an emotional and physical toll on us and our loved ones. People often seek life-coaching hoping to get some help around health issues. You might be looking for help with financial planning regarding medical bills, help finding the right resources, or just some emotional support. Whatever the case may be life coaches can help you in all of these areas.

Stress and Health

Research continues to show that stress and health are related. The worse your stress level the worse off your physical and mental health may be. In fact, research has shown that increased cortisol levels have been linked to decreased brain function and even neuronal death. Cortisol is a stress hormone released by your body. So if you want your brain to function at it’s best it is helpful to reduce stress.

Stress often accompanies physical or mental health issues. It can be overwhelming to deal with medical bills or even just try to find the right support for you. You might find it helpful to seek out a life coach in your area so they can tell you about local services. Some life coaches employ techniques like meditation in order to help you reduce stress.

Financial Consideration

In addition to the physical or emotional toll health issues can take there is also a financial toll. It is can be incredibly difficult to pay all of your health bills and still have enough left over for every day expenses. Working with a life coach will give you the opportunity to make a weekly and monthly budget. Also, many life coaches will help you contact hospitals and give you guidance about how to set up payment plans.

Finding Resources

Although life coaches are not social workers we still work hard to keep up on all the resources that are available. Many coaches will keep a list of local resources that might have free or low cost support groups, therapists or other specialists, or inside knowledge about the best recovery meetings. In some areas there are so many resources available that it is helpful to have someone weed through it all with you. In other places there might be so little available that it is great to have someone tell you what options are open to you.

Emotional Support

Many people who have health issues need emotional support. Depending on your situation it can be hard to find someone to talk to who understands. We might start to feel like we have tapped our friend’s compassion dry. Working with a life coach is helpful because they can offer you a kind ear. Studies consistently show that it is not what kind of support you get that matters. Rather, it is the relationship with the person providing support that is helpful.

Of course it can still be helpful to seek counseling that is more targeted. But often it can be helpful to just have a life coach who you trust to talk to about health issues.

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