Dangers of Abusing Prescription Drugs

//Dangers of Abusing Prescription Drugs

Dangers of Abusing Prescription Drugs

In the 70s when hipsters and pop culture was on the rise, parents were worried that their children were all going astray all while smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. Even though that problem does not exist today, it is fairly certain that a new kind of concern is on the rise. That would be prescription drugs. In these days, the danger comes in the form of prescription medicines such as Oxycodone, ADHD medicine Ritalin etc., and Xanax addiction.

xanax addictionThese seem to be on the rise nowadays as more and more of these sorts of medicines are being prescribed. The most concerning part of this ordeal is that most of these medicines are abused and goes towards wrong purposes. There are plenty of people who are using prescription drugs for non medical purposes. Prescription drugs are not bound by age and that is another problem. Older population who are using prescribed drugs for a long term fall under the risk too.

These incidents of drug abuse are mostly noticed in the teen population. One in a five teens tries to get high on prescribed medicines and that is a concerning deal for us in general. There can be many ways how the abuse starts and the misuse can be done in many many ways. In universities, this is the most noticeable act because of the competitive mentality.

A huge group of students believe taking such drugs will enhance their focus and mental integrity thus taking them to success. They take ADHD medicines in hopes of taking the edge off and getting a head start on the process. Medicines that are frequently misused are Oxycontin, Vicodin, which are opioid painkillers, used for sleep disorders and anxiety; Valium and Ativan, which are depressants used for hyperactivity disorders. Suppose you are someone who is not prescribed to a certain medicine simply because you are not a patient. But borrowing that medicine and taking it to get the edge might have dire consequences. For starters, there is a reason this is called a drug.

Drugs affect people differently. There is a reason why there are different doses of drug application. There are different methods of using it. Unknowingly taking a drug and hoping for it to work like a charm should be utterly hopeless and devastatingly effecting for an individual’s well being. There might a great chance of the abuser not knowing how to take the drug properly. Misuse of drugs can have severe risks of health issues which might even result in fatality. Some of the negative effects might be,

  • Addiction: Some drugs are addictive in nature and using it even for a short term can cause your body to be dependent on it resulting in withdrawal symptoms when leaving it. It also causes the body to be reliant on the particular drug.
  • Health risks: Nausea, choking, mood swings, fever are common symptoms of drug abuse. In serious cases it might result in infertility, coma or even cardiac complications and death.


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